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Benefits of working with small design firms

There are many benefits to working with a small design firm and freelancers to build or maintain your website. There are so many freelance designers and design agencies, it can be a daunting task trying to choose the right one for you. The decision often comes down to personal preference when you look at the work in their portfolio or testimonials from other customers. If you’re looking for a new website, or an update to your existing site, we’d argue that hiring a freelancer or a small design company instead or a large agency would be your best option.

Reason #1 – Cost

By far one of the most attractive benefits of hiring a freelance web designer or a small design firm like mine is difference in price. Most freelance web designers and small companies have much lower overhead costs because they work out of their home. We are able to pass these savings into our customers. Larger companies will undoubtedly come with a higher price tag as you are paying for the company office space and staff.

Reason #2 – Personal Service

When you work with a freelancer or a small design company you are only dealing with a couple of contacts, not several different individuals from different departments. You have much more direct communication with the designer ensuring that any queries you have are dealt with quickly.


Reason #3 – Speed

Freelancers and small design firms tend to have fewer clients at anyone one given time than large agencies. As there are only a couple of people doing the coordinating, projects are turned around much quicker and design revisions are processed much quicker.  Large design firms generally have set office hours, whilst freelancers and small design companies set their own hours, they are often much more flexible at arranging their priorities around your projects and there is always the possibility of them working long hours to get your project finished on time.


Reason #4 – Quality

The quality of work from large agencies and small design firms will vary considerable, however this has no relation to the size of the company. Some large agencies have awful portfolios. The design quality you receive will be dependent on the nature of the company or the individual. Always make sure you check a web designers portfolio to see if you like the previous work they have done. Large design companies will assign various parts of your project to different individuals so there are multiple people working on multiple projects. A small design company or a freelancer will be constantly working on your project, and they work on aspects of your site themselves. They put into practice constant creativity and imagination in their work, to give it a fuller touch.



There are many benefits to working with a small design firm or freelance web designer. Whilst large companies are able to offer teams of specialists, small design firms and freelance designers are able to work on all aspects of your site themselves. They are able to arrange the flexibility of their own schedule, providing a quicker turn around time for your project and with less over heads they are able to offer the same work at a much lower cost without comprising on quality.


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